Periodicals > Interim > Volume 69 #1

Name: Message from the Board
Authors: Anninger, Will
Brown, Baird
Carey, Jasmine
Clitheroe, Jennifer “Dusty”
Gersten-Rothenberg, Karen
Hollis, Val
Kohn, Sandy
Levengood, Michael
Michel, Roger
Pizzi, Deb
Randall, Linda
Rios, Catalina
Roose, Deborah
Rose, Robin
Sims, Nat
Stone, Paul
Waring, Topher
Webb, Kristi
Williams, Tom
Indexed Date: 9 Dec. 2021
Index Status: Complete
Original Language: English
Citation: Brown, Baird, et al. “Message from the Board.” Interim, Volume 69 #1, Sep. 2007, p. 11


The Farm & Wilderness Board of Trustees has decided to end the traditional practice of suitless swimming due to concerns about inclusivity and diversity. Although the decision was made to end suitless swimming, individual camps may still have occasional skinny-dipping if it serves a programmatic purpose.