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Name: Women in Focus - Helen Hears From Sam Hawcroft
Authors: Berriman, Helen
Hawcroft, Sam
Published Date: 24 May. 2022
Indexed Date: 27 Dec. 2023
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Index Status: Complete
Original Language: English
Citation: Berriman, Helen, and Sam Hawcroft. “Women in Focus - Helen Hears From Sam Hawcroft.” British Naturism, 24 May 2022,


The interviewee describes getting involved in naturism through a magazine job and explains the differences between naturism and nudism. They debunk the myth that naturism must be a year-round lifestyle, express challenges faced by women in naturism, and advocate for body positivity in the media and society. Despite societal challenges, the interviewee is passionate about promoting naturism despite censorship on social media.